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You can't please everyone, so have a sense of humor, don't hold grudges, and take the good with the bad

I hate remembering a funny moment that involves someone I don’t talk to any more


I chased thunder
until I found your hands,
and I chased the rain
until I found your skin.
Still, I was the one who
only knew how to kiss
with an earthquake waiting
in their mouth,
and I was the one who shook
you so hard,
you lost your voice.

This poem is for
all the storms I followed
home just to destroy.
This poem is for all the ones
I ripped apart first
before they could touch me
the wrong way.

—   Y.Z, An apology (via rustyvoices)

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If not I’m going to make it obvious… Or is that considered caring?

Pointless drama

I’m so tired of it all… I’m really done with it


Although it’s sunny and not too cold out, I’m inside, on my couch, lazily keeping my eyes open, watching some Supernatural reruns, and the first supernatural convention episode came on. Remember when we talked about going? We said we would dress the baby up as Castile and we would be Sam and Dean

“I try not to live in the past but sometimes the past lives in me.”

—   Jamie Ford, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (via anditslove)

I can’t control situations, I can’t even control my feelings about it, but I can control my actions
I guess that’s all I can do for now

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